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Beyond Academics
Enormous stress is laid on .......
Festivals & Celebration of Important Events
  • Celebration of festivals.
  • Preparation of Folders in all the streams (Significance of all festivals & Religions)
  • Discussion & Brain storming sessions on the Role of Teachers & Counsellors in bringing unity & peace in our community 
  • Celebrating Teachers’ Day/ Mental Health Week/ Traditional Day
Field Trips & Outstation Trips
  • Field Trips to various institutions in all the programmes are organised to gain an insight into the teaching techniques and functioning of the institutions in all aspects
  • Outstation Trips are arranged to work with the community and conduct workshops/Training sessions with them
Socials & Picnics
They are organised regularly to give a feeling of oneness among the groups & also to interact informally with the faculty. These are again organised by the students themselves under the guidance of the faculty.
Co-curricular & Extra-Curricular activities
Several events are organised so that students get an opportunity to showcase their talents.
Co-curricular events are Debate & Elocution, Poetry Recitation, Story Narration and Action Songs. The extra-curricular events are singing, dancing,  face Painting , tattoo-making, mehendi, poster making, rangoli, greeting card designing, creative advertising of products & so on.
Social Events
SIES-ICE students are developed to transform their personality in a holistic way. To highlight some of the events:--

To develop social skills and social attitude in our students the 1st event organized at the beginning of the academic year is the welcome social. This helps them to unwind and familiarise themselves with their peers and faculties. This is followed by Festival Celebration wherein the students celebrate the different religious festivals. This enables students to understand the significance of festivals and develop in them a sense of unity in a diverse country like ours.

Befitting the profession chosen by the students the next event is the Teacher's day celebration remembering Late Dr. Radhakrishnan, our country's past President who recognised the role and importance of teachers to shape the country's future citizens.

Traditional day is celebrated to know the culture, customs and manners, attires and accessories of the different states in our country. Students share information regarding the state they belong to by wearing traditional clothes.

As our students leave the portals of our institute, a farewell party together with a group photograph is organised wherein students share their appreciation and experience during the program. Suggestions for further improvement are also welcomed to take the program to greater heights in future. It gives the institute tremendous satisfaction to see that most students get absorbed in schools as teachers/ special educators or as counselors at various institutions by the time they complete the program.
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